7 special rooms for your favourite deadly sins!

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7 special rooms for your favourite deadly sins!

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
Entrance Hall Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras de estilo moderno de Studio Hooton Moderno
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There are truly so many design themes, concepts and styles with which to decorate a room or an entire home. Most of the time, these themes and concepts help homeowners and designers alike to narrow down their options and begin the strategic task of decorating and furnishing a home. Here at Homify, we are always looking for new themes, whether they be high-end or affordable, fun or incredibly difficult.

Our recent muse? The seven deadly sins! As the seasons are changing and heating up, we are feeling the need for some change, extreme change, on an attainable and affordable level.  We have organized a list of ways in which you can incorporate the general notions or themes of the seven deadly sins into your living space, without being too explicit or overt. Here are seven individual rooms that almost all homes have, decorating according to a fun, and unique theme. Have fun!


ARTS & CRAFT BY PEDINI ARTE CUCINE Cocinas de estilo moderno de homify Moderno



Gluttony, or the consumption of excess, whether that be clothes, material items or goods is one of the most well-known sins.  Typically used in reference to overeating and consuming mass amounts of food, gluttony, in one sense or another, can apply to all of us. 

Here, we want to refer to the most-widely recognized meaning of the word and talk about kitchens! Amazingly enough, we have chosen a rather minimalist and modern-style kitchen for perfect representation.  When conceptualising or planning your kitchen according to gluttony, imagine suave dinner parties, mountains of beautiful food and easy access to every ingredient and utensil you might need. 

An over-abundance of excellent stainless steel appliances is never a negative and creating an open-concept, functional space where you can easily make feasts for yourself and your extended family is always a positive. For gluttony, make sure you have exposed kitchen shelving for great organization. When entertaining, have everything readily available in fantastic storage containers and shelving systems. Only display those stand-out items that truly deserve it, including great crockery sets!


Sloth, or laziness also applies to us all from time to time and nothing is wrong with that. To create a living room that is conductive to an evening full of slobbing around, include high-pile rugs, plush pillows and soft accessories such as animal skins, throws and blankets.

Want a super-cosy feeling? Why not use this example and choose a couch that sits low to the ground. A low-set couch will allow your living room to have more depth and height, and will make access to everything on the coffee table and side tables much easier!


A perfect concept when thinking about designing a cosy, romantic bedroom is lust.  For a lustful bedroom that whisks you away in the evening for a great nights' sleep, add plush pillows and soft throws, make sure you choose high-quality bedding and pillows and for that final touch, choose lighting techniques that will bring you into a relaxed state for an evening of rest.

The example seen here isn't what you would consider lustful at first glance – perhaps you were thinking of a darker, more romantic colour scheme or a room full of candlight and flowers – however, the cosiness and eclecticism of this room creates a modern concept of lust, and we love it!


Curvytile Factory Avenue Grey 26,5x26,5 Oficinas de estilo industrial de homify Industrial

Curvytile Factory Avenue Grey 26,5x26,5


Those that are typically defined as greedy tend to work hard and save even harder. Perhaps they find themselves working so much that they miss out on other areas of life – and if this is you, that's ok! Make sure that you create a space in your home that allows you to separate and divide your time as such, starting with a great office.

The office pictured here provides a great drafting table and chair, exposed, industrial-style piping shelves and a great amount of natural light. Want the raw materials exposed in your home to show their value and grandeur? Try focusing on an industrial-inspired living space and check out this great ideabook to get more ideas.


Patio de luces Gimnasios en casa de estilo moderno de homify Moderno

Patio de luces


Wrath is an interesting deadly sin. Most think that it means someone full of anger and resentment, and for the most part, this is true. However, a wrathful person is one that will seek revenge at any cost, letting hatred consume them day-in and day-out, and most of the time, over petty problems and conflicts. 

Want a great way to solve a bad day or take care of a conflict? Try installing a great in-home gym or work out studio! The health benefits of exercise and working out go far beyond the physical aspect – mentally and emotionally it's refreshing and rejuvenating! If you have a spare room, consider turning it into an at-home work out studio. All you need are some hand weights, exercise balls and, depending on your space, maybe a machine or two.  Don't forget to include some extras if you can, like a small refrigerator for water and maybe a towel warmer to clean up and wipe off after your work out.


Entrance Hall Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras de estilo moderno de Studio Hooton Moderno
Studio Hooton

Entrance Hall

Studio Hooton

We all take pride in our lives or ourselves at one point or another – and you should, it's healthy from time to time! So, what is the perfect way to show that you're a prideful, proud person in your home, lifestyle and self? A great entry way of course! Wow guests, visitors, family and friends from the very moment they walk into your home by creating a unique and grandiose entrance.

This hallway is absolutely fantastic and quite impressive with the mix of darker neutral tones and creative choices like the light fixtures, narrow accent tables and matching lights.

Proud of your super minimalist living space but want to make an impression? Take this example as a great inspiration!


Lastly, but ironically the most common deadly sin on this list, envy. Perhaps we experience this more when we're younger, or for some, more when we're older. Either way, it's a natural feeling to have from time to time and like all things in life, is okay when experienced in moderation and balance. 

When we are discussing homes, interior design and architecture, envy is easy to come by – especially storage and closet space! If you want a space that all your loved ones will envy, start with a great closet. There are plenty of companies now that specialise solely in creating and organising great closets, and you can take advantage of this or plan one out yourself as a special DIY project.  

Make sure when planning your closet that you're measuring correctly to guarantee a complete and functional use of all space.  Want to add a special touch to your closet? Why not try what this designer did and include a nice changing/seating area with some overhead skylights for great natural light!

Want to see a truly luxurious home? Check out the opulent abode with a colourful interior.

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus Casas modernas de Casas inHAUS Moderno

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