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Tour Da Nang Hoi An Da Nang

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2 Read more 26 External links Names Da Nang Places (in Chinese: 沱 㶞 or 陀 㶞) is mentioned as early as in the book of O Chau near the continent (first printed in 1555 by Duong Van An), 5, "Words" (Chinese characters: 寺 祠, temples and shrines), "Divine words" (Chinese characters: 神祠, temples of gods), "Tung Giang words" (Chinese characters: 松江 祠, Tung Giang temple) : Original Chinese Literature: 松江 祠。 祠 在 思 榮縣 思 客 海 門 , 並 在 廣 南 陀 㶞 海 門。 Sino-Vietnamese translation: Tung Giang word. Fujian merchants bought the temple in 1759 and after many restoration works, in 1792 it was changed to the Assembly Hall of Fujian. [79] According to the legend, the Japanese Bridge was built in 1593, but there is no exact basis to confirm this

Limestone mountains scattered across the area about 2km2, including: Kim Son, Moc Son, Tho Son, Thuy Son and Hoa Son. [234] In addition, in Da Nang, there are a series of festivals associated with communal communal houses such as: Dinh village at Hoa My village (Lien Chieu district), [235] An Hai village communal house (Hoa Vang district), [236 ] Tuy Loan village communal house (Hoa Vang district), [237]. Meanwhile, the name Ngu Hanh Son was mentioned by Le Quang Dinh in Hoang Viet unified geography (1806) as follows: “The east of the wharf in Hoan Ky Dong commune has Ngu Hanh Son mountain, five mountains divided into Kim, Moc, Thuy, Hoa, Tho are called Non Nuoc mountain "(1)

[87] Although the divine system worshiped in Hoi An is very diverse and rich, Quan Cong is seen. like the holiest saint. The total development investment capital in the province in 2019 is estimated at more than 39. Hoi An is formed based on the inheritance of the Cham and Vietnamese seaports starting in the 15th century

From Since its establishment, the hospital has deployed many new techniques in diagnosis and treatment, including a number of techniques for the first time such as head and neck surgery in combination with plastic surgery, plastic shaping in breast cancer surgery, head and neck radiotherapy techniques, positioning biopsy techniques, left liver laparoscopic surgery techniques for liver cancer patients. Cheap Hoi An Da Nang Tour 3 Covered Bridge 4 Culture 4. In Hoi An, Chinese people come More and more staying and replacing the Japanese in power to trade

The fish for processing are sardines, grouper, anchovies. Da Nang's largest is New Phuong Dong Discotheque located on Dong Da Street, Hai Chau District. Locals often follow this road to Kim Son and Tho Son islands

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