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Tam Hai Pagoda Danang

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The surface of the rainbow is up like a rainbow, paved with planks for passageways, the two sides have a small wooden pedestal, formerly used as a place for trade. In the future, with the formation of the Da Nang University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Da Nang city will continue to build and develop more hospitals such as Da Nang Hospital campus 2, international hospital, Auxiliary Hospital Obstetrics - Pediatrics Stage 2, Central Children's Hospital [179]. The two sides are statues of Quan Binh and Chau Thuong, two adopted children, are also two loyal martial arts officers of Quan Cong

[71] During the French colonial period the French attacked Danang in 1858 City map Danang (Tourane) in 1908 (except for Son Tra peninsula not shown in the map). But the best one is herring. Danang people mainly live by business

On the way out to visit Ngu Hanh Son you can enjoy Quang Noodles at restaurants: Quang Dung Noodles (43 Ngu Hanh Son), Quang Phuong Noodles (06 Phan Tu), Quang Ba Vi Noodle (60 Ngu Hanh Son) or Ba Mua restaurant (40 Ngu Hanh Son) with the price from 20,000 VND / bowl. In the festival, there are typical folk games of the sea such as shaking basket, boat racing, swimming, tug of war. [1] Linh Ung Pagoda was placed the first burial stone on June 19, 2004 lunar calendar, after 6 years of construction on July 30, 2010 (on June 19, the year of tiger), it was officially inaugurated. / p>

[41] A toilet and an inner courtyard are a space divided vertically by two parts, with an independent structure from the front and back houses, with a transition function. Da Nang Booking - Da Nang Hoi An Huyen Khong Cave - Ngu Hanh Son Dong Huyen Khong (Photo: Collect Am Phu Cave Am Phu Cave is one of the large caves in the Ngu Hanh Son cluster. accounting for 42.5% of the total number of rooms in the whole system (26 5-star hotels and equivalent to 7

The mountain has two-storey lots of rocks on the top and especially on the east side. In the period when the Vietnamese replaced the Cham, Chinese merchants continued to trade because the southern provinces of China needed salt, gold, and cinnamon. the coastal area of Da Nang not recoverable is 81%

Ngu Hanh Son Relic Tower at Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang