10 ways to accessorise your living room with textiles

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10 ways to accessorise your living room with textiles

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Handmade crochet rug, crochet carpet, round rug, knitted carpet, knitted rug, model COPENHAGEN de RENATA NEKRASZ art & design Escandinavo
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Textiles are an important element of décor, the value of which often goes unnoticed. Can you imagine a fashionable bedroom with shabby bed furnishings or a beautiful dining room with ugly curtains? Certainly not. If you are trying to upgrade the interior of your home, the easiest way of doing so is to quickly change up the textiles.

Today we'll be sharing some tips to induce a feeling of freshness in the ambience of your living room. Most of these changes involve little or no hassle at all and don't need a blow-out budget. Let's take a look!

Upholster the ottomans

See if your ottomans and upholstered stools have started to look a little bit weary. Give them a brand new appearance just by sprucing up their upholstery. Choose a fabric and colour that inject life into the living room atmosphere.

Upgrade the sofa covers

Salas de estilo moderno de DELIFE Moderno Piel sintética Metálico/Plateado

The sofa holds a prominent position in any living room. Changing the upholstery will instantly brighten up the entire space. You can choose a colour that is in vogue – like Pantone Rose Quartz or Serenity – or follow the existing colour scheme and choose a suitable shade for your room.

Change the cushion covers

de STYLE-K Escandinavo Piel sintética Metálico/Plateado

This can be done at any point of the time during the year. Select cushions that reflect the colours of the season, or buy something that will give your living room a special feel. 

See how this leather couch has been styled with vintage floral print cushions. Tap into your innovative side and go for some interesting matches like this.

Find a new sofa throw

Orson Sofa de homify Moderno

Orson Sofa


Want a new sofa throw? Put on your thinking cap, you may not need to actually buy an expensive one from the store! Seek out a beautifully embroidered shawl, a piece of fabric with batik print, or a silken sari from your travels, and use them as blankets and temporary sofa covers. 

For a truly jaw-dropping look, opt for clashing colours and unique patterns. The best thing about throws is that you can change them daily, depending on your mood.

Bring out a new set of curtains

Bring out a fresh set of curtains or invest in a new set. Give your older ones a thorough wash and store them away for future use. See how this small change can frame your living room in an entirely new light.

Fabric for the chairs

Do not forget that corner chair or the ones accompanying your sofa bed. It can make or mar the ambience of your room. Refurbish them with same or matching textiles. Alternatively, use a matching set of cushions to spruce them up.

Introduce a cotton rug

Introduce a colourful cotton rug or floor mat if your living room currently lacks one. It is easy to brighten up the mood this way. You can buy a classical silk rug too, but cotton rugs are very affordable and far easier to maintain.

Refurbish the lamp shades

Tamasyn Gambell X Forest London Collaboration de Tamasyn Gambell Moderno
Tamasyn Gambell

Tamasyn Gambell X Forest London Collaboration

Tamasyn Gambell

Refurbish the lamp shades using a matching piece of fabric. If you have mostly decorated your living room in subtle colours, try to cheer it up by using fabric of a bright shade. With minimum amount of efforts, you will be able to perform this by yourself – it could even be a fun DIY for you and your family!

Do not forget your pets

Do not disregard the necessities of your furry or feline friends. Present them with a new couch or cushions, pamper them with a  colourful blanket or upholster their existing bed with a trendy print.

Be sure to only use pet friendly textiles that do not cause any allergic reactions, but at the same time are strong enough to withstand their playful onslaughts.

Weave a beautiful mat

Handmade crochet rug, crochet carpet, round rug, knitted carpet, knitted rug, model COPENHAGEN. material cotton, color 21 de RENATA NEKRASZ art & design Escandinavo
RENATA NEKRASZ art & design

Handmade crochet rug, crochet carpet, round rug, knitted carpet, knitted rug, model COPENHAGEN. material cotton, color 21

RENATA NEKRASZ art & design

Bring out your crochet or knitting tools, and weave a beautiful mat for your coffee table. You can also embroider a piece of fabric and decorate the table with it. Crochet or knitted pouffes look gorgeous in a living room. 

Pick one or two of these tips, or spend a weekend working through the list – et voila! Enjoy the lively atmosphere of the newly refurbished living room with your family members and friends.

Want more pet friendly interior ideas? See how trend meets tradition in his cat friendly modern home.

If this is all a bit too bright, find out how to give your living room a Gothic makeover.

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