The 5 Most Important Tips To A Small Magical Indian Kitchen

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The 5 Most Important Tips To A Small Magical Indian Kitchen

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The kitchen is without a doubt one of the most important spaces in every home. In fact, it is the heart of the home. This is why you need to put a lot of thought into its design. Apart from making it look good, you need to ensure that your cooking space is functional and convenient. The great news is that there are a lot of kitchen designs that give you aesthetic appeal and functionality, whether your kitchen is big or small. Here is a look at some important tips to a magical Indian kitchen.

Make Storage Space

One major mistake that many people make when planning a kitchen is not planning for sufficient storage. You should make use of every bit of space you have. Overhead cabinets that reach right up to the ceiling are a good idea as you use that space rather than leaving a gap that does nothing but collect dust. Deep drawers are great for easy access to utensils and also gives you enough room for appliances that would otherwise clutter up your counter-tops. Browse through more kitchen storage designs here.

Think Ahead of time

Whether you are building a new kitchen or redesigning your old one, you should make sure that you put function first. Remember that an ideal kitchen shape does not exist – all you have to do is plan to form a triangle with the cook-top, fridge and sink, regardless of whether it is an I, U shape or a gallery. Also, to give you ease of movement, keep 6 feet between them.

Get Sufficient Lighting

Unlike the other rooms in your house, kitchens need more than overhead lighting. You need to make sure that the light is not behind you, casting shadows on your workspace. Your light should be positioned so that it falls in front of you. Under-cabinet lights are a great idea as they shine directly on the surfaces in your kitchen.

Remember Counter Space

Cocinas de estilo moderno de ZERO9 Moderno

Such a thing as ‘too much counter space’ does not exist – you need as much as you can get in your kitchen. Choose a surface that is easy to work on and maintain. However, keep in mind that stainless steel surfaces will scratch easily and grout between tiles is difficult to take care. Look for a material that is durable as well as easy to work on, clean and care for.

This kitchen was designed by Zero9, Architects based in Mumbai, who also has expertise which spans across advertising, exhibitions, architecture and interiors for commercial & residential projects.

Prioritize Safety

A stunning modern German Kitchen - Kitchen Design Surrey Cocinas de estilo moderno de Raycross Interiors Moderno
Raycross Interiors

A stunning modern German Kitchen – Kitchen Design Surrey

Raycross Interiors

You should make your cooking area as family-friendly and safe as possible, by planning for good visibility of indoor and outdoor play areas from the kitchen. You should also consider other safety-conscious elements such as slip-resistant flooring, rounded counter tops and appliances like ovens, electric kettles, etc. located at appropriate height to lower the chances of accidental burns.

Designing your kitchen is not as difficult as you would think. The important thing is to plan with a lot of careful thought and make sure that you put functionality, convenience and safety as a top priority. Once you have fitted these in, you can create a beautiful design that gives you a stylish kitchen that you can show off with pride.

If you're looking for more kitchen designs and ideas that have suitable for small apartments, check out this ideabook on small apartment ideas for the kitchen.

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