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7900 Westpark Dr, Ste A180
22102 Mclean
Estados Unidos


The BOWA team provides outstanding work from start to finish. They delivered an outstanding and creative design and showed attention to every detail. They were clear about timelines and provided a weekly roadmap for the work once it commenced. The onsite team was incredibly courteous and attentive. Throughout the process, BOWA exuded seemingly indefatigable determination to get every aspect of the project just right.
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The team and the Projector Leader, Kristin Ikenson, kept my husband and me apprised of time lines, costs and the search for materials and appliances throughout the process. She, along with other team members walked us through the design with graphics and photos and kept us up-to-date on orders and progress of the renovation. Living in a condominium has different rules that BOWA is aware of and adheres to with ease. The finished project has made our condo more current and up-to-date and pleases us immensely.
hace 4 meses
Our house was originally built in 1909, with many additions, and the original house is the most durable and beautiful. We were looking for a builder who was able to work with old houses and could match the addition to the original. We found a house that BOWA had renovated and they did a seamless job with that one so we knew they were capable of doing a seamless renovation on our house as well. Besides the beauty of the construction, what we appreciated most was the efficiency with which the project was done. We honestly believe that our site manager is a genius in time management, craftsmanship, and his overall vision. I think the entire BOWA family agrees. BOWA promised that they would have everything in place so that once we broke ground, all would move quickly, and we really appreciated it. The time start-to-finish was essential and BOWA did not let us down. If quality materials and workmanship is important to you, then you will not be disappointed with BOWA.
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