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eva craenhals
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The exterior is aesthetically pure, well defined and warm. 

This furniture is designed to offer comfort and beautify your home. 

One is drawn to focus on the details to discover a second dimension, 

almost a second life. Gracious shapes, beech and enchanting graphics, 

each piece seems inhabited by the sensitive souls 

in contact with nature, who made their wood.

The materials and processes are fair and natural. 

The collection is crafted in Europe. 

The beech wood comes from forests in Moravia. 

The plywood is folded on the original Thonet molds. 

Beneath the surface is a discreet twist or a shimmer or a question. 

And so it should be, amongst you there is also 

a twist or a shimmer or a question. 

At least one.


eva craenhals

Mainly kind and sparkling and precise in a pleasant way. She is rather sincere 

than concealing, rather mild than shocking, she prefers adoration to mocking. 

Yet she is not naive. You can feel her listening to the shadow and find it 

whispering through her work.

Her designs are elegant, refined and personal.

Reconocimientos de la empresa
Why should furniture and soft accessories be serious? Why not injecting some whimsicality into everyday design? This is precisely what Eva Craenhals is doing. – Her work can also be found in ENCORE! THE NEW ARTISANS by OLIVER DUPON
2570 Duffel
+32-479239508 www.savopomelina.be
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