Tea Arquitectos


Taller de Arquitectura, fundado en la ciudad de Caracas en el año 2016. 

Experiencia en proyectos de Arquitectura, Remodelacion y construccion, con proyectos construidos en Caracas, São Paulo, Turin, y Rochester New york.

Proyectos de Arquitectura Remodelaciones Muebles
Área geográfica
Caracas, Distrito Capital, y Venezuela
Calle 14
1073 Caracas, Distrito Capital
+58-4128095502 www.sitiotea.com


Our experience with TEA ARQUITECTOS was unique and exciting. They took us by the hand from the beginning and made us travel through a design experience, following our tastes and expectations. They have been able to satisfy our most hidden desires in an outstanding way by finding fine details in every market, not only Italian but international. Our house therefore remains a piece of Interior design architecture that bears their signature but lives on our soul. Their modern vision combined with our desire for Italian 70s to the paintings of J. Pollock: they have created an environment that is beautiful to observe from every perspective: cultural with an immense library to spaces to take advantage of the same culture. These Architects were able to design the project remotely during a complicated period during covid-19. We hope that they can give the same sensations that we experience every day living in a real work of art.
hace más de 2 años
Fecha del proyecto: marzo 2020
Availability,expertise,details care are some value points of strength of Tea Arquitectos.I recommend to engage this team from the first phase of project development because of their excellent suggestions.
hace más de 2 años
Fecha del proyecto: junio 2021
Best team ever! Super professionals. They meet every need of the client and the final result is always better than expected.
hace más de 2 años
Fecha del proyecto: enero 2021