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8861 Diseñadores en Maastricht

Dik Scheepers
To learn about and to be able to apply materials and techniques is important for Dik Scheepers. Not only you get a different
Studio Janina Loeve
Janina Loeve (1984) is a young designer who translates innovating concepts into useful everyday objects. She designs products
Caro Heuts
Design... widening your horizon It is important to open up to the future and pay attention to everything that goes on
Studio Marijn van Berge Henegouwen
Marijn van Berge Henegouwen komt uit de regio van Utrecht in Nederland. Dit is waar ze startte met de eerste fase van haar
Çedille by Françoise Oostwegel
I’m Françoise Oostwegel born in the Netherlands and living in Maastricht thats in the south of the Netherlands. I graduated
Lift5 works with ambitious companies that sell high end consumer products. Most of our clients are specialized in juvenile
Ping & Moos
Ping & Moos is a label of graphic designer Inge Stevens. With her products Inge inspires people to make the world a better
Studiokhachatryan focuses on various aspects of product and architectural design, iassignments for (semi) public and - residential
Art Maker
ArtMaker se caractérise par la diversité de ses créations. Nous poursuivons inlassablement notre chemin créatif, entre
BINDD is een concept waarbij eigenheid centraal staat. Massaproductie is er in overvloed, maar echt uniek vaak moeilijk
Alexander Claessen
Alexander Claessen is a young Dutch entrepreneur in Product and Interior Design. He did his bachelor at the Maastricht
Studio PLAN B
As a young designer, Bram Bollen earned his stripes in the sector of Belgian-designed outdoor furniture. He started his
Mijn ontwerpen bestaan uit rechte of gebogen lijnen, en vaak uit een combinatie van de twee. Door heldere glassoorten met
Daniel Colard, 25 ans, designer et graphiste professionnel depuis 2012.
Buchenbusch urban design
Buchenbusch urban design - Designprodukte aus und mit Beton.
Nicolas Ghilissen
Mon travail veut proposer des pièces originales à tous ceux qui désirent distinguer leur intérieur. Je leur offre un mobilier